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Who are we

Located in Upper Tracy, NB, our apiary is home to thousands of buzzing bees and a few curious chickens.  You could say we are a typical New Brunswick family, with the exception of the few thousand stinging insects in our back yard. 

Our homesteading began as an interest and a way to provide for ourselves.  It grew as we sought to teach our daughter the rewards of labour and the joy of watching something as small as a seed grow to beautiful plants.

We enjoy farm fresh food at our house and want to share that with you.  We have a passion to provide only the best possible products to our clients.


"The best part of our business is knowing a little part of our apiary is in your home.  Whether it's lotion on your night stand or lip balm in your purse, we recognize you've trusted us with your skin.  Our honey, syrup, and eggs feed your family. 

We take that trust serious. 

Providing the best we can is our passion and promise to you!"

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