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Giving Back...

It's what we do

Being from a small town, we understand what it means to pull together.  We were raised in a community where local breakfasts to raise funds for a recovering neighbour was just something you went to on Saturday morning.  If someone lacked food, you fed them, if they needed help on a project you helped them. 

We're thrilled to continue what our parents and those around us have taught us to do.  So, what are, or have we been up to when we're not enjoying the buzz of our bees?



Keesha's Pick

Our Partnership with the FSPCA

We've partnered with the FSPCA on our Keesha's Pick initiative.  Raising over $200.00 for the FSPCA while remembering our girl was something we were so excited to do.  This one has been put on pause as COVID has limited market availability but I'm sure this will be back as we shift to our online store.

Keesha Lip Balm
Keesha - Loved Water

Bee The Change

Working to overcome housing challenges

Bee the Change started in early 2020 and launched as a way to partner with Habitat for Humanity Fredericton.  In the initial phase of the project we launched 2 clothing items, a hat and shirt where $5.00 from each item sold would be donated to help Habitat for Humanity Fredericton with their goal of

working towards a world where everyone has a safe, decent, and affordable place to live.  For the 2020 year we raised $385 for our local Habitat!

As 2020 went on we doubled down and reached out to some great local creators we've met along the way and with them bundled an all locally made basket of goods to draw tickets on.  Sales from these tickets raised $1500 for the Fredericton Homeless Shelter! 

Bee the Change Basket 2020
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