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We we're able to adopt Keesha in 2010 at just under a year old, shortly after we were married. She was with us through our journey as we grew our hobby farm and would become a protector to our animals and garden. In 2015 after the birth of our daughter, she took on a role as playmate. Throughout the years she would keep animals away and after moving to Tracy would even save our hives from a bear on an early morning in the spring of 2018. She enjoyed our active lifestyle and loved the outdoors.  Unfortunately, we said goodbye to her in December 2018 when she lost a battle with cancer.

We had no idea at the challenges facing those looking for a companion like Keesha, and those rescuing and housing animals. After visiting the SPCA in our area and seeing the need we wanted to do something that would keep Keesha as an active memory in our business, while helping those animals in less fortunate situations.

MacPherson's Natural Bee Apiary is proud to announce, we are picking one lip balm flavour per month and $1.00 will be donated from each one sold to the Fredericton SPCA for a program we are calling Keesha's Pick. This launched February 2019 and we hope to help animals for years to come in the memory of our girl.

To order, email using the data to the right or message us on Facebook.  Any and all sales will be posted there first, so be sure to like our page to stay informed.

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