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If you love growing beautiful red tomatoes, lush sweet corn, and leafy green lettuce but can never remember when or what you did last year, this book is for you! Our lives are busy, and the hustle and bustle of life can prevent us from noting new methods, planting times, and more. Sure you could write it in a regular lined book but our journal includes additional areas to quickly note exactly what you need to plant and when, or how much of a yield you were able to produce from the crops you worked with so diligently. With a place for future improvements and space planning, you can have all of your ideas in one convenient place.

Grab your packages of peppers, prep your soil, and lets spend afternoons in the sun getting dirt on our hands. This book is small enough to take along for the journey but big enough to easily make your notes.


Add 10 seed packages for saving your successful harvest for next year by selecting the Book and Seed Pack Bundle.

Gardener's Diary

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