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Want something for that especially hard to buy for person?  Looking for a great way to remember a family member or pet?  Want to help the bee populations by contributing directly to them?  This is a great way to do all three and more!

Ok, but what is it?

With our "Name a Frame" initiative, you purchase a frame for honeybees to call home.  


What is a frame?


A hive contains multiple boxes that all have what we keepers call “Frames”.  Most often, these boxes contain 10 frames per box.  It’s on the frame that all eggs are laid, brood reared, and pollen/honey is stored.  Some frames are foundation-less, leaving room for the bee to build the wax foundation and others contain a foundation to get the girls started.


A frame in a hive can hold up to 7000 newily developing bees!  In about 3 weeks, it'll hold up to 7000 more as those newly developed bees begin emerge.  Over the life time of a frame, hundreds of thousands of girls will be raised.  

What does this do for the bees?


To ensure healthy colonies, cycling frames is a must for beekeepers.  As honeybees gather, they inevitably bring back various pesticides, and chemicals that remain in the wax through the life of the frame.  In addition to these pesticides, disease can begin to develop on aged frames.  In some cases, a frame can be used again by replacing the foundation. In other cases, be it by damage or disease, the frame should be removed. Cycling foundations and frames provides clean wax that keeps bees healthy, and strong as they fight larger issues targeting populations in North America.


Keeping healthy hives is our goal, and one step we can do to achieve this is rotating these frames out of use and the addition of new frames for future generations of our hives.


What will you receive?


          1. Your name of choice will be burned on the top of a frame and housed in a hive for thousands of honeybees to begin their life on.  


          2.  Digital certificate and accompanying letter.


          3. The gratitude of millions of local pollinating bees!


What to expect?


Upon order, a digital letter will be sent directly to your email given.  Because we are customizing your certificate with the chosen name, this will come in a separate email from us.  This could take anywhere from 24-48 hours to generate and email depending on volume of orders at the time of placing your Name a Frame.   


Name a Frame

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