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Sustainable, Clean, Natural

About Us
About Us

Located in Upper Tracy, NB, our apiary is home to thousands of buzzing bees and a few curious chickens.  Our protective pup keeps them all safe, and Emily is sure they get their exercise.  

Our homesteading began as an interest and a way to provide for ourselves.  It grew as we sought to teach our daughter the rewards of labour and the joy of watching something as small as a seed grow to beautiful plants.

We enjoy farm fresh food at our house and want to share that with you.  We have a passion to provide only the best possible products to our clients.  

At the moment, we take no salary or compensation from this initiative.  Instead, we pour all sales/profits into fund further hives and equipment.

Best Sellers


If I could dip myself in the Body Balm I would.  I have the Lavender and just got the Warm Cider scent and as soon as I tried it I went right back about bought more for Christmas gifts. The lip balm and wax melts were also amazing. Plus those cute little crochet bees? Too cute for words. TLDR: Amazing products, amazing customer service. 


Julie Jeffrey

Bought the body balm for my tattoo to keep it looking fresh. I then discovered how well it works on eczema.  No itchiness or redness since  I have started the balm. It takes so little to help that the container will last quite some time.  Not back for under $10.

I have also bought some for my aunt and picking some up for my daughters as wel



Love the body balm!  Locally made, long lasting and keeps my skin smooth!

Where are we?
Where are we ?

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782 Back Tracy Rd, 
Upper Tracy, NB
E5L 1H2


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